Brand "X" Live
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  Dave Willick    

 [bass, vocals]

Dave credits long time friend and fellow band member O.J. (Owen Jones) with keeping him active in the music scene in Windsor. Does anyone remember the Conquistadors, a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass cover band, circa 1970? They first played together then and off and on (Overtime and Jumpkatz) during the next four decades before winding up with Kenny and company.

Along the way, Willick played his horn with Blues Train (remember the Grande Ball Room?) then jumped to keyboard in Rainbow (remember the Viscount Hotel?) and then Fiesta. 

Back with O.J. came Six Grand and the Fractions, the former working the Detroit area night club circuit and the latter the Windsor bars.

Music has certainly occupied many nights, but during the day, Dave and wife, Barb, raised two boys while he taught high school music. Now retired from teaching, Dave is excited to be with Brand X and looking forward to playing with such a distinguished group of musicians.